Share Your Start-Up Story!

Are you a successful startup entrepreneur? We want to hear your story!

Startup Talks is a podcast featuring top entrepreneurs. During the show, we explore the secrets of how they successfully launched and grew their startup businesses. These are real stories from successful founders just like you. Now, let's tell your story!


We request that you please follow the following guidelines when recording your podcast.
  1. Your startup must have been running for at least 1 year to share your story.
  2. Please keep your story factual and positive. Share how you have overcome obstacles, created opportunities, and scaled your business.
  3. Be transparent with your struggles in building your business. We all know that pursuing your dreams can sometimes be difficult, and hearing the struggles, as well as the success, is what really helps others.
Let’s Record Your Episode!

Before you record!

Please make sure that you read this quick technical checklist before you start the recording process.
  1. You only need a smartphone or basic computer with online access to record your episode. No technical hassles! We have made this very simple.
  2. Please use earphones, or a headset when recording.
  3. Record in a quiet place. Loud background noise makes a terrible episode.
  4. Please block out 15 to 20 minutes to record your episode.
  5. You can record asynchronously, so there is no need to schedule your recording date. We have already recorded your questions. You are just recording your answers.