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Tools, Templates and Resources

List of all the best resources, tools and templates you can use to launch faster

Step By Step Guide to Build Your Product

Outline all the tasks you need to make your startup

Different Roles You Need In Startup

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Outline best practices to work with your development partner

Video Guide of Different Terms

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About WONG

  • Ryan is an industry expert with more than 10 years experience making software for businesses.
  • Ryan leads a remote team of 30+ developers doing projects for clients globally.
  • Ryan is Fractional CTO of 3 companies.
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Entrepreneurial mindset During my time in entrepreneurship I had to deal with a constant learning process in which problem solving was my day to day life.

In addition, I work with a co-owner perspective that always encourages me to look for the best solution.

360º project vision I have worked in the main departments involved in the creation of digital products:

  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • UI/UX design
  • Project Management
  • Profit & Loss
  • Recruiting
  • Sale Meetings

What my client have to say

Ryan has proven to be the unicorn that everyone in tech is looking for, but doesn't know about yet. The man knows how to manage people, knows how to hire people, fire people, scale engineering operations, fix technical issues - I could go on. We've been hiring engineers and engineering for a combined 30 years and Ryan is Tier 1.

  • Brian Woosley
    COO - The Movement

Over the years Ryan has been a source of not just problem solving, but inspiration. They asks questions beyond the scope. This has been a consistent value added benefit to Call Steward. As our products grow with the needs of our clients, we take Ryan with us, getting prepared for what comes next.

  • Ed Hill
    CEO - Callsteward

I hired Ryan to build my MVP. Their knowledge was deep and wide to select the technology to use. Their expertise with AWS development was impressive. They gave me a clear proposal that was reasonably priced and delivered according to the proposed timeline. He also has a team to delegates the lower value work, which helps him competitively budget a project and also deliver in a timely manner. We are already planning on our next phase of the MVP development and I would recommend him to anyone for requirements similar to ours.

  • Nick Uresin
    CEO - Argometrix

It's been refreshing working with experts like Manaknight Digital! They are super knowledgeable! They helped us to sort out all the business requirement into something that can be understood by everyone and organized the project so it was back on track. We got a scalable and robust solution to handle millions of users. We were able to deliver on time and received a lot of positive feedback from our client.

  • Damiano Raveenthiran
    CEO - Startupslang

After spending years bouncing from one unsatisfying experience after another with different technology professionals, I finally found Ryan. Since then, they has handled ALL of our technology needs and provided excellent solutions to every single problem that has come up. Our business is much more successful now because we focus on growing it and Ryan makes sure our technology can deliver.

  • Patrick Durkin
    CEO - The Wellnessenterprise

I hired Ryan to build out our member portal after working with other engineers who didn't accomplish our vision or timeline. Let me start by saying that Ryan blew me away and I will never use another developer than him (if he'll have me). I looked for a few things and here's how Manaknight Digital compared: Communication: Top Tier, terrific, always on time, available and made things so simple that anyone can follow along. Quality of Work: Best in class. Enough said. Execution: He did EXACTLY what he promised and his process/workflow is exactly what is optimal as a client so you're never left in the dark Quality Assurance: It was important to me that the engineer we hired would also ensure the product/feature would work as it would. Ryan made sure everything was perfect. 1000% highly recommend.

  • Sief Khafagi
    CEO - techvestor
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